About Burn Note: 

We believe new technology should protect your privacy — not remove it. That's why we built a messaging system that puts your privacy first. We launched burnnote.com in January 2012 and first released Burn Note apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android in March 2013. 

Burn Note puts you in control of your privacy. Our features give you the power to message privately with anyone. Learn how real private messaging works.


How Burn Note Works:



Set to Self-Destruct,

Ever worry about a message falling into the wrong hands? Every Burn Note is set to self-destruct. The Deletion Timer puts you in control of exactly when your Burn Note is deleted. The length of the Timer is automatically calculated from the message length. Adjust the Timer to add more or less time. Or just hit send. The Timer starts ticking the second your message is opened. Once a Burn Note is read, it's deleted. Forever.

Learn about the Deletion Timer.



Delete Completely,


When you delete a Burn Note, we delete your message everywhere — on the device it's sent to, the device it's sent from, and our servers. We love deleting!

Second thoughts after sending a message? Delete it before it's opened and they'll never see it.

Learn about Multi-Device Deletion. 



Spotlight Privacy,


Spending too much time looking over your shoulder? Privacy Spotlight ensures your Burn Notes are safe from prying eyes nearby while you're reading.

The Spotlight keeps your private conversations private even if you're surrounded by family, friends, or coworkers.

Learn about the Privacy Spotlight. 




Send to Anyone,


Want to send a private message to someone but not sure they use Burn Note? You can get a link to your Burn Note when creating it and pass it to anyone in an email, a text message, or any kind of message.

You don't need the app to receive a Burn Note.

Learn about sending a Burn Note.




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